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Hello Plant lovers and supporters! 

We are more in the education business but understand that communities need access to medicines as well!    

Wild About Plants medicines are available by special request with priority given to Indigenous communities or organizations.  Medicine is limited based on sustainable ingredients and quantities vary year to year.        

We feel it’s important to share that any products sold are made from sustainably grown and harvested plants, home-grown plants, or from friends with farms.  

Proceeds are shared in solidarity with our Wet’suwet’en Land protectors.  Thank you for your support, interest and love for our plants.

Our Medicine

Making medicine together is so special to us! Here are a few examples of the many medicines we can create together in a workshop. If a workshop isn’t possible for your community, we try to accommodate small medicine orders when we can. Please contact us at if your community is interested in ordering

For more medicines and creations please visit individual medicine keepers information here   

Note: Products are non-certified organic. 


Christmas Tea
This high vitamin C seasonal tea is made from 3 evergreens (Grand fir, Western White Pine and 10% Cedar) also includes Rosehips and Orange Peel. Can be made with or without Cedar (should not be taken if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have kidney disease or under 8 years of age.)
Tummy Tea
This blend is full of gentle gut healing plants including Fireweed, Calendula, Marshmallow, Plantain, Licorice and Mint. Not only does it help to rebuild healthy gut flora but it tastes delicious…and it’s soooo pretty!!
Cabin Blend Tea
A beautiful calming and tasty blend including Hawthorn (leaf & flower), Rosehips, Holy Basil, Mint and Lemonbalm. Perfect for a cozy night in the cabin.
Love Your Lungs
 A fan favourite, this tea is a wonderful tonic to help support your lungs on a daily basis, but a medicinal strength can also be used to help you loosen and  cough up stubborn phlegm. Ingredients: Mullein, Plantain, Yarrow, Goldenrod, Nettle, Mint and Thyme (comes with or without Red Clover).  
Coleman's Sleepy Tea
 Formulated by my son Coleman, this tea will help wind you down before bed or after a busy day. Ingredients contain all plant members of the Mint family including Holy Basil, Lemonbalm, Scullcap and Peppermint. I’m tired already!  
Digestive Tea
Perfect for after meals or anytime this aromatic delightful blend includes Chamomile, Fennel, Peppermint, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Ginger and Orange Peel.
Nettle Tea
Did you know Stinging Nettle is 15 x higher in iron than Kale & 20 x higher in calcium than Spinach? It’s true!!  Nettle tea is a delicious way to get all these vitamins and minerals into our bodies and can be used everyday. Commonly known as a superfood but also has anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. There’s nothing more soothing than a cup of tea so treat yourself or someone you love with the medicine of Stinging Nettle!
Nettle and Mint Tea
All the same goodness as Stinging Nettle tea with added mint for extra pep & flavour. Mint contains menthol and helps open up our air passages so we can breath easier.  Peppermint is a great decongestant and provides a revitalizing yet calming ingredient that we love at almost any time of day!

This is a spicy and warming blend to help get you through cold and flu season!  Filled with vitamin c and immune boosting & supporting ingredients: Rosehips, Orange Peel, Echinacea, Ginger, Cardamon, Cinammon, Elderflower and Peppermint 

Lip Balms

Evergreen Kissed
This seasonal lip balm is made from Grand Fir needles infused in organic plant based oils, Beeswax, Mango seed butter and with Peppermint essential oils. A perfect winter or Christmas present!
Haida Fog Lip Balm
Inspired by a trip to Haida Gwaii where I fell in love with London Fogs.  This is my favorite lip balm made from Organic Earl Grey Tea, Pure Vanilla Essential Oil and Bergamot. So good you will barely be able to keep it on your lips.  
Sweet Alibi
Now called Nostalgia! This lip balm is made from bud medicine, and exudes the reminiscent smell of the Cottonwood Tree we all know and love! This can also double as a medicinal salve for burns, pain, anti aging and skin healing – and it smells amazing!


Cedar Sus Chest Rub
Named after one of my favourite 3 year olds and inspired by her name and clan. This chest rub is not only named after “Cedar Sus” but includes bear grease from the territory which her family comes from….and Sus in Carrier means bear. Baby friendly 6 months plus. Available at Christmas only! 
Happy Baby
This gentle salve/cream is perfect for baby’s bottom.  Contains Plantain, Calendula, Lavender, Chamomile and Zinc Oxide so not ony does it work well for diaper rash but doubles as sun protection and shhh don’t tell anyone, but works great for razor burn! Baby Friendly 6 months plus.
Wound Warrior
  My personal favourite as a mom.  This salve works incredibly on minor scrapes and wounds. Made with Yarrow, Plantain, Lavender, Cottonwood and Chamomile. Baby friendly 6 months plus. First Aid kit sizes available.
Speedy Recovery
 A magically healing salve for broken bones or torn ligaments made from Comfrey (aka Bone knit) infused with peppermint essential oil for a cooling and calming effect. Athletes love this one!  
Wet'suwet'en Strong
Everyone’s favourite salve and as a result very limited quantities. Made from 5 plants beginning from winter Cottonwood buds to the beautiful resinous flowers of St. John’s Wort harvested on summer solstice.  A must have for arthritis, pain and inflammation.
Sage Salve & Sticks
Sage salve & sticks – A spiritual and emotional salve if you want to put a different twist on your smudge. Sage can also used as a mild anti-inflammatory or skin healer when used topically.  
Bite Me
An absolute saviour for both adults and kids! This salve is made from Plantain, Lavender and Mint and is a must for a first aid kit or camping trip. Highly effective for wasp stings, spider, mosquito and other insect bites that itch...or just really suck! First Aid kit sizes available.

Pumps and Sprays

Pur(well) Hand Sanitizer
 CDC strength approved this hand sanitizer will not only help protect you but smells amazing with Lemongrass, Sweet Orange, Mint, Lavender and Aloe Vera to keep those poor hands soft and moisturized.  
Bug Off
It’s not as strong as Deet, but that’s a good thing!  Made with Vanilla leaf or Sage, witch hazel and insect repelling essential oils, this bug spray smells so nice the insects may not like it but it might just attract someone else! 
Spray Smudge
For those who don’t like the smoke involved with smudging or when it’s just not all that convenient to burn. This is a beautiful fine natural Sage scented mist that we love to smudge with. Homegrown from Robynne.
Flower Essence
Enjoy the vibrational and healing energy of flowers with these flower essences (Red Flowering Currant, Self Heal, Bleeding Heart and Fawn Lily). All made in Brandy. More information available upon request.

Bath Salts

Therapeutic & Relaxing Bathsalts
An ancient remedy for the recovery of sore muscles, relaxation, skin irritations and much more. Epsom and Dead Sea Salts contain magnesium and other important minerals that are deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory. We can custom make one for you for relaxation, sore muscles, cold and flu or just plain salt after a hard days work!